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You provide the merchandise. We take care of the rest

The Franklin Shops offer the solution to significantly decrease the overhead costs of operating a retail business. For prospective shop owners, our concept is even more attractive when the high initial costs are a deterrent.

The Franklin business model is the answer for businesses that are start-ups, expanding, or downsizing. It allows boutique-level businesses to survive and once again compete in the retail arena.

By joining together, the start-up costs and the day-to-day operating costs are part of the investment, which The Franklin Shops provides. These costs include sales staff, utilities, building and equipment, sales tax, advertising, promotion, events, repairs and janitorial services, computers, software,
security ... and much more.

In other words: You provide the merchandise and we take care of the rest. At The Franklin Shops we are particular in the selection of retailers to ensure quality and unique products. We offer a full array of upscale merchandise to our customers, which brings them back time and time again.

Our concept features the possibility to customize shop size and location within the store. You can personalize your shop space to reflect your shop's identity – and your vision.

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Your options: easy as one, two, three

The Pop Up Shop. This is our featured shop. It's a one month lease for the prime real estate in front of our point of sale. The Pop Up Shop is 80 sq ft and has the most visibility.  Read More

The Space Shop. This is our most popular and best "Bang-for-your-Buck" space. It's generally open floor space on the first or second floor of the store. Shops sizes are customizable, as are the lease length terms.

The Franklin Squares. This is the best space for small shops that don't have the inventory to fill an entire shop space. It's perfect, if you make an item as a hobby, you're trying to test your business skill, or you are testing a new product that hasn't been mass produced yet. You want to advertise your business at The Franklin Shops? Do it at the Franklin Squares.

What We Provide. We have one of the River District's most beautiful historical stores and store front. We provide sales staff, utilities, building maintenance, sales tax collection, advertising, promotion, events, point of sale software, inventory tracking, packaging, and security.

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The Franklin Shops Hours: Monday-Wednesday 10am-8pm | Thursday-Saturday 10am-9pm | Sunday 11am-7pm | Event Nights 10am-10pm