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9.6 Art Walk with Laura Rebollo WEB


ART WALK  Friday, September 6, 6–10pm

Art on a Box
At her studio in Plantation, Laura Day Rebollo paints ocean scenes and Florida landscapes – for example her Everglades series. The artist’s specialty, unique hand painted cigar boxes are not only beautiful but serve a dual purpose for the collector: as a work of art and a small handy storage space. During May Art Walk, Laura Day Rebollo will meet Art Walkers at The Franklin Shops. Rebollo: “When painting, it’s my goal to take the viewer to a place or time of serenity, happiness or reflection.  If my paintings evoke an emotion or a memory from them I feel I’ve shared a part of myself.” Each of Rebollo’s hand painted boxes is a one of a kind work of art and is sealed with a protective high gloss finish to preserve its beauty. Laura Day Rebollo has been an artist for over 40 years with various mediums and tools of the trade from watercolors, pastel, printmaking and oils on canvas … always looking for new inspiration to paint.

The Cool Collected Class of Bling
Southwest Florida artists and collector Bill Rogers presents an intriguing assemblage of mid-century Asian and Eastern European antiques, art, and jewelry in his shop on the mezzanine of The Franklin Shops. On Art Walk night, Rogers will introduce a collection of imported contemporary and ethnic jewelry. These fantastic pieces are all handcrafted—featuring precious and semi-precious colored stones and Sterling Silver. It’s the cool collected class of bling – and an affordable work of body art.

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